UHshe — an all-female Minecraft tournament in Ultra HardCore mode! It’s a fight to the death and the only way to heal yourself is to eat a golden apple which can be made the regular way or by surrounding an apple with flowers. Bonemealing flowers is not allowed as it is easy to obtain and would be deemed unfair. 

Players are given a wolf spawn egg at the start of the tournament to use anytime during the game. Episode are usually 16 minutes long. New episodes were posted every other day at 4PM EST.

StacyPlays is the organizer of the series. The intro sequence was made by Finsgraphics and the music used was "Far Away" from the YouTube Audio/Music Library. The server is hosted by LearningMonkey



Participant Status Episode(s) Placing
MousieMouse Slain by Aureylian 6 11th
LDShadowLady Walked into fire whilst trying to escape Aureylian 6 10th
Aureylian Slain by AshleyMarieeGaming 6 9th
HeyImBee Slain by AshleyMarieeGaming 6 8th
iHasCupquake Slain by MKTheWorst 7 7th
AshleyMarieeGaming Slain by MKTheWorst 7 6th
MKTheWorst Slain by Shubble 7 5th
StacyPlays Shot by Shubble 7 4th
NettyPlays Slain by Shubble 8 3rd
Shubble Walked into fire whilst trying to escape Yammy 8 2nd
Yammy Winner 8 1st


Main article: UHshe/Episodes
Series # Episode # Posted Date
1 1 June 28, 2015
2 2 June 30, 2015
3 3 July 02, 2015
4 4 July 04, 2015
5 5 July 06, 2015
6 6 July 08, 2015
7 7 July 10, 2015
8 8 July 12, 2015


  • UHshe is a play on the word UHC, but subsititutes the letter "C" to the word "she". This is due to the series containing all female participants. 
  • MKTheWorst was the first to take damage. 
  • AshleyMarieeGaming, LDShadowLady, HeyImBee, and StacyPlays has participated in the Cube UHC series, while Aureylian participated in a few seasons of Mindcrack UHC. 
  • iHasCupquake has the most subscribers at this time with 3 million subscribers, followed by LDshadowlady with over 900k and StacyPlays with over 600k. 
  • HeyImBee and StacyPlays are the only ones to be part of the Cube UHC roster.
    • Both were a Cube SMP member at one point.
    • Both joined the Cube SMP on February 2014. 
  • The series follows the traditional rules of UHC, however, a participant can create a Golden Apple with the use of certain types of flowers. It is still possible to create a Golden Apple with the use of golden ingots and golden blocks.
    • The episodes are much shorter than the standard 20 minutes, reduced to 16 minutes. 
    • Also, participants are given a wolf spawn egg, this item can be used anytime during the game. 
  • HeyImBee is the only Australian to be participating in the first season.  
  • Players were asked if they want a wolf spawn egg or a saddle for their starter kit, but all participants ended up choosing the wolf egg.